This Is My Autumn


Falling leaves, cool crisp air, flannels, fuzzy socks, steaming cup of coffee, pumpkins and yep fishing.  This is how I picture Autumn.  Windows open all day and night to air out the stale capture of Summer.  It makes me feel alive.  Refreshed.  New.  
I used to hate the thought of Summer escaping away.  Putting away the shorts, flip flops and beach days.


But have come to fully embrace cooling temps and the new wave of change it brings.  Bright leaves flow through the air.  Birds and Squirrels are frantic to store for cold weather. 
New flow of fish swimming through the surf, making fall fishing my new favorite hobby. 

Trading in my summer attire for fishing waders, boots, hoodies and bonfires.


........the is my Autumn.


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