When Your Day Job Has You Daydreaming

You know that bittersweet moment that happens at your "job", not a career, you're lucky if you are able to do that.  I'm talking about the place where you go to just get the bills paid.  Yeah you know, that moment where it's no longer the joy of your daily life, the sun to your earth, not what you agreed to in the beginning?  It's now a full on stress chaos to your well being!  No appreciation for all of your hard work, just more of do this, put this together, why can't you read my mind, you should have known that.......bullshit!!

No?  That's never happened to you?  Consider your lovely little self lucky then.

Here's my problem, I....just....am not happy evolving life around a "job" any longer.  I think I'm ready.  I'm ready to budget my life in order to be happy.  No longer is climbing the ladder or being made to feel I don't work hard enough my top concern.  My inner child has been begging to return.  To smile.  To have a good belly laugh.  To look at a sunrise or sunset and have my imagination and wonder return.  I'm dull, stressed and getting older...............quick!

This journey is just now beginning and I have tons of happy times ahead with my son, with my husband, family and myself.  


Most important........myself.


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