About FishBone Nautical's Creator


A small town girl from good ole Southern Maryland, who grew up by the Potomac River fishing a small grimy fishing rod, who now has grown a deep passion for saltwater fishing.  Whether it's surf fishing, inshore or offshore fishing, this girl is completely hooked!

I started FishBone Nautical on the basis of sharing my saltwater experience with other anglers.  Especially other lady anglers & fishing in charity tournaments.  As time moved forward, FBN has grown into something I never thought I could imagine doing.  Creating shirts and products that not only display designs that I love and hope others will love, but with each sale, a percent is donated to help keep our local fishermen and women working.  And to keep our seafood.....local.

So visions change and outlooks change, but what stands the same for myself and my brand is the goal >